Kristin Erickson, MSW

End-Of-Life Coach, Caregiver, Blogger, Dog Wrangler

End-Of-Life Coaching

It is an intense time. Let’s explore your options; palliative, curative or hospice care? Getting your affairs in order. Having “The Conversation”. Navigating your medical/hospital/home experience. Let me walk with you.

Daily Blog from The Spero Pain Clinic

Blogging our daily adventures from Fayetteville , Arkansas at The Spero Clinic. Exploring new avenues for pain relief for my partner Ken Green’s chronic nerve pain.

All things GSD

Yes, we got 3 GSD puppies during the covid quarantine. Here’s all the insanity.

About ME

Hi, my name is Kristin Erickson and I am an End-Of-Life Coach. After retiring from a 10 year career as a home hospice social worker, I now help out privately in people’s homes when possible, by phone, and virtually online. Reach out to see how I can help.

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